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Oatmeal Bliss & Instagram

So I spent some time on the weekend helping my aunt and cousin design a website for their new business, and I started feeling incredibly disappointed in myself for abandoning my blog for so long. It was something I had been so excited about, yet I somehow just let it fizzle.


So I’m back :) and hope to stay back for good!


I have, however, started an Instagram blog, under the same name, and have been posting (somewhat) regularly there. (That’s where the photos are coming from).

I’ve been really lovin’ oatmeal lately (as usual I guess…) so here are two pretty awesome combos I’ve enjoyed recently. They correspond and match with the photos I’ve posted above.

Strawberry Banana Coconut Almond Crunch

-1 tsp almond extract

Top with:
-Sliced banana
-Roasted coconut chips
-Cacao nibs
-Sliced strawberries
-Dried Cranberries

Lemon Lover

-1 tsp lemon extract
-lemon zest (as much as you like)
-1/2 mashed ripe banana

Top with:
-Sliced banana
-Sliced kiwi
-Buckwheat groats
-Dried cranberries
-Chia seeds
-Buckwheat groats
-Slivered almonds